Oral sex tips. How to Deep Throat

It's almost impossible to find a man who doesn't enjoy receiving oral sex. For many men, the idea of being deep-throated is intensely exciting, but they must understand that it is not an easy thing to do from a partner's point of view. A man can simply imagine trying to shove a sausage down his throat and think about what that would feel like. And while many partners are interested in providing this service to men, the fear of gagging, extreme discomfort, or even getting sick at the most inopportune times can discourage their efforts. In addition to maintaining proper penis health to keep the tool attractive, men can share the following tips with interested lovers to help them get closer to the experience they both desire.


Partners interested in deep-throating shouldn't assume they can just go for it. That's because almost everyone has a gag reflex, although its strength varies from person to person. For most people, the reflex is triggered when the back of the throat is touched. One of the most important things a person can do to promote a deep throat is to train the gag reflex to relax.

Training involves gradually stimulating the gag reflex, taking a conscious breath before stimulating the gag reflex, and keeping the throat as relaxed as possible. It is also important to maintain mental relaxation. Don't be stressed, take your time, and back off if needed.

Partners can choose to train with an actual penis, a dildo https://www.mytoyfirst.com/dildos, or a combination. It's good to have a toy around so a person can train whenever they want; the more you practice blunting the gag reflex, the more likely you are to get what you want. Place the penis or dildo on the tongue just above one's comfort zone to begin with. Then, slowly move it down, just past the comfort zone, and hold. Finally, move it slowly so that it gently touches the back of the throat and hold for a few seconds. After doing this a few times, a person may find that he or she can hold it there longer and eventually push down deeper.


In addition to relaxing the mind and body, it's a good idea to use lube. There are edible lubricants on the market that can be used on the dildo or penis. You can also use your own saliva to provide adequate lubrication. When practicing on a man, you can make it especially enjoyable for him by spending some time licking his penis with your mouth before penetration, wrapping your lips around the base and sliding it up, etc. Get it nice and wet before penetration.


There is a curve between the mouth and throat and this curve can make deep throat difficult in many positions. The optimal position is one in which the performer's head is tilted back so that the mouth and throat are aligned.

In addition, the position of the erect penis in relation to the mouth and throat of the performer should be considered. In general, the following positions are best.

- The giver may lie on his or her back with the head of the penis hanging over the side of the bed The recipient stands behind the partner's head. Partners should discuss the importance of control beforehand. Especially when first learning, it is a good idea for the giver to have some control over the recipient's thrusts. The giver may place his hands on the receiver's hips or buttocks to control his movements.

- In the 69 position, with the giver on top, the giver should remain low, close to the recipient's body, with his head tilted back. If there is a large height difference, the deep throater may not be able to receive oral stimulation from the recipient. If it is not desired or possible to receive oral sex from the partner, he/she may choose to kneel with his/her legs on the side of the partner's body instead of sitting across.

- The giver may lie on his or her back with the torso slightly propped up, depending on the height of the partner, while the partner stands in front of the giver. If the giver is propped up on his or her elbows, then the recipient has full control, which should be considered.

In addition to sharing valuable oral sex skills with a lover, it is the man's responsibility to keep his partner's penis in top shape and function. Using a good quality penis health cream (health experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) will keep his skin smooth, soft, and appealing to his lover's mouth. In addition, creams containing vitamin A will help counteract unwanted odors, as this vitamin has antibacterial properties. If a man's lover is deeply devoted to him, the least he can do is make his stuff palatable.

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